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17 March 2008 @ 09:40 pm
A I :: A u r a

Aura is a very advanced AI.
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Name: tsunderes
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09 March 2007 @ 01:07 pm
Well, since the cast of FMA is switching over to manga canon, then I'll just switch from mixed to manga as to prevent unnecessary confusion. As such, anything Envy has mentioned in anime canon, Hohenheim and Dante specifically, is not true. Either disregard anything that happened, or just assume that he was lying. Which really works just fine too.
19 January 2007 @ 12:13 am
...Writing, huh? Tch. That'd be a complete waste of time anyways. I don't have anything I could write that's worth reading.

But I don't feel so bored anymore, I guess. I should ask her if I could just go get a book or something else. I have a feeling that it may be a while before I get to actually go out and do something. Central is still investigating that alchemist's murder. Seems like he was more well-known than I thought. Oh well, if anything, I'll be more active on that community some more.

Though...unfortunately, Roxas is boring now. Maybe I can pick on some of his friends. ♥
Or maybe just keep picking on Ed. By the way, you have to be at least 5 feet tall to read this post. No children or Edwards please.

I wonder when I'll get to meet that Superior guy, though. I hope soon. I hate being stuck here.
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-Envy was glad that Dante was out doing...well, whatever. Maybe getting a new body? Who knew? Envy didn't care about that, or at least not then. He had to prepare for his honoured guest if he were to come shortly. Intruders weren't wanted, especially now. It wasn't often that Envy even agreed to meet anyone. But Roxas had doubt. He wasn't sure what he wanted. Envy could use that. He held no grudge against him, or any of the other members for that matter, but being manipulative was part of his nature too. He didn't care who a person was. He would try to break them and their beliefs. It was absolutely delightful to watch.

He came into the room that usually served as Dante's "office" and drew the curtains before glancing outside for anyone that might be around. Once he saw it suitable he sat in the comfortable chair and took a book of Dante's notes casually. Maybe she'd written something new by now.-
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